Whole Identity
A Brain-Based Enneagram Model
for (W)holistic Human Thriving

Thrive Neuro is proud to present:
the very FIRST book on the neuroscience of the Enneagram.

Do you want the opportunity to flourish, to grow, and be the best possible version of yourself? While we are all unique and distinct individuals, often requiring specialized resources for healing and improvement, every single human on the planet has at least one thing in common that drives the process of our becoming wholly well: A brain.

This is no small thing we share in. Our development, our decision-making, our thoughts, emotions, actions, and on and on--all reside primarily in the brain. Though our unique, lived experiences shape us differently, we operate within the same system. If we understand how the universal operating system works, we can function with greater success.

The Whole-Identity™: A Brain-Based Enneagram Model for (W)holistic Human Thriving places the traditional Enneagram beneath the lens of neuroscience. Dr. Jerome D. Lubbe introduces an unparalleled, science-based method to view our identity through a truly unique model—The Brain-Based Enneagram™.

Filled with comprehensive, neuroscience-driven opportunities to utilize the Enneagram with fresh perspective and insight, this book will:

  • Reshape your understanding of the Enneagram to a Whole-Identity™ Profile instead of a single-number personality “type”.

  • Expand your capacity for growth and health in a multitude of directions

  • Provide practical applications for each nature for greater personal, relational, and global thriving

Neuroscience and the Enneagram are two pieces of the same puzzle, and they serve a powerful function when paired together. Dr. Jerome has made his science-based model approachable and accessible to engage the reader from concept to practical application and beyond.